Irvine Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Model P-3

We ensure that the delivery schedule should be properly maintained in order to meet the exact requirements of the customers. After the goods are sternly examined by the experts, the picking, checking, labeling and packing commences in the substantial warehouse. Sprawling over a large area, we ensure that the goods are packed with utmost proficiency.



  • Thinner, Safe, More Portable
  • Over charge Protection
  • Intelligent chip Protection
  • Discharge Protection
  • High conversion efficiency
  • As backup portable supply power I phone,ipod ,mobile, camera, and other digital devices.
  • Safety  and portable high capacity.
  • With different ports and connector for different device.
  • Over 80% power remain after 500 times recycling.
  • Quality certificate - CE, FCC, ROHS